How To Manage Your Dog’s Skin Problems

Whether you’ve had your dog for years or are a new puppy parent, you want to ensure that your dog is in perfect health. However, you can’t prevent what you don’t know — and there are a variety of health conditions that can cause discomfort to your pet. You’ll have the upper hand if you are able to detect and deal with problems as early as possible. In this blog post, we’re going to focus on skin issues. Continue reading for some good owner info.

Skin problems that can plague your canine companion are numerous and varied. The following post identifies some of them:

Types of Skin Problems in Dogs

Today, there are numerous dogs which have the susceptibility to suffering from different ailments on their skin, from reddened areas to hair loss, promoting what is known as “bald.” Without forgetting more serious cases in which they can suffer from terrible infections, although all skin diseases in a dog are treatable and mostly curable. Some of these problems include:

  1. Fungus

This refers to the proliferation of fungi that live on the skin of our dog.

Portrait picture of a Goldendoodle outdoors


When it comes to your canine, one thing to note is that weather conditions can accelerate the severity of a particular skin problem. The following post explains how the seasons, and particularly spring, can affect your dog.

As spring blooms, your dogs and cats can suffer skin allergies

Q: Our dog Bella has allergies that flare up whenever the trees around our house start to bloom. I think the fruit trees, mangoes in particular, make her itch like crazy. Other times of the year can be bad, too. When it happens, we now give her these new anti-itch pills. They work very well but we want to know what’s causing it. Is there anything we can do to find out? Read more at Miami Herald…

Be on the lookout for the signs of discomfort your dog may be showing so you can address skin problems as soon as possible.


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It is worth noting that allergies cannot always be eliminated. However, they can often be controlled, as explained in the following post:

An allergy can sometimes just happen overnight due to a change in environment or even a new food or treat.  There are many ways to get rid of or reduce skin allergies as they occur. Below are six triggers that could be the reason your dog’s allergies have occurred:

  1. Dust is a common cause of skin allergies in dogs

If your home gets dusty, your dog could develop a skin rash. The simple solution is to always keep your house dusted and vacuumed to pick up the extra dust in your home. You can also look into different types of high-efficiency, air and charcoal filters.  These filters will help clear the air for you and your dog.

Now that you’re armed with more information, you’re bound to have an easier time making your pet feel comfortable and enhancing his or her general wellness.


veterinarian with Goldendoodle dog.