Information on The Most Effective Ways to Stop Your Dog From Barking

Barking dog

People talk and dogs bark – it is the nature of dogs to bark. However, at times, they can bark too much. This is when dog owners come in handy for they have to stop their pet from barking. You cannot really stop a dog from barking completely. At times, you can divert his attention by giving him a something to chew on, providing him with activities and objects to keep him busy, or sending him outdoors for a walk.

However, if you don’t do anything and let his barking carry on, it might be difficult to solve the problem. It is good that you are trying to reduce the amount of barking you have to deal with, but you have to do more. If you think there is something wrong with him, take help of a professional trainer to help you address the issue.

Tips from Fur Babies Pet Resort, Greenville Here are some things that you can do to address the issue while you are trying to stop your dog from barking:

1. Try to find out what is causing him to bark.

Although barking is a normal behavior of dogs, it can be quite annoying when they bark incessantly. If you believe that there is a certain cause of your dog’s barking, you can avoid fighting it. You can start by looking for a reason why he is exhibiting this behavior. Although barking is a normal behavior of dogs, they can be a little bit excessive at times. Take note of the things that might be irritating your dog. When you find out the source of his barking, you can address it with care.

2. Provide him with an activity.

In addition to taking him to obedience training, your dog also needs to have exercise. This will help him to remain fit and healthy. He will also become less restless. You can either take him on regular walks or if you are just content with his toys, have him play with them. Also, take him out to do his thing if you feel that he needs to.

3. Reward him for good behavior.

When he uses his words to attract your attention, you can reward him with a treat or anything that he enjoys. Teaching him signals will also help him a lot. When he learns the different types of signs that you send to him, he will be able to understand what you want him to do.

When he comes to you every time you call him, you are valuing his obedience. This means that dogs can be more obedient to their owners. Their basic obedience commands will make him respond when he is called. However, they should also respond to the commands immediately. The time you take to respond to his command is the time he will start obeying you.

When you want him to do something, be patient and give him time to respond. Give him a reward right away or else he will associate the reward with doing the act instead of responding to the command.

4. Do not call his name when he is barking.

The sound of his name gives him a stimulated feeling. If you call his name and he starts barking, he will associate the name with barking and forget what you want him to do which is quiet. He will not be able to establish an association of your command with his act. The quiet command can be applied however, only once he stops barking. Once he ceases barking, say the quiet command and give him the reward.

An immediate reward for not barking is essential in order for him to associate the reward with the act of quietening. You can give him a treat as well. It can be as simple as giving him a reassuring talk. Although it is good to give him a loving talk, it is more effective if you reward him for not barking.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

It is necessary to practice on a daily basis. If you cannot do that even once, then abandon all the teachings you have learned and start training him again from the beginning.